Monday, July 23, 2018

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Committee/Parents Adult Youth Protection On-Line Training Information    
  Troop 272 Committee Handbook    
  Boards of Review Guide    
  Volunteer Information Flyer    
  Family Talent Survey    
  Annual Medical Form    
  Photo Release Form    
  Youth Protection: A Parent's Guide Slip    
  Cyber Chip Award Slip    
New Scout Documents New Scout Letter    
  Important Information    
  New Parent Adult Registration and Clearance    
  Act 153 Volunteer Memo    
  New Parent Adult Registration DHS Sample    
  New Parent Adult Registration PA Disclosure 10 Years or More    
  New Parent Registration SPCBC Sample    
  Scout Personal Information Form    
  Adopt-A-Highway Safety Form    
  Tree Sale Information    
Eagle Advancement

Path to Eagle Process 


Eagle Path Guidelines

  Life to Eagle Presentation    
  Eagle Scout Application    
  Downloading the Eagle Project Workbook
  Service Project Planning Guide    
  Power Tool Guidelines    
  Eagle Recommendation Letter    
  Eagle Palm Application    


Meeting Planning Meeting Evaluation Form    
  Meeting Plan Form    
  Skill Session Plan Form    

Theme Planning Form

  April Meeting Plan Forms    
  2016-2017 Trail to First Class Program    
Permission Slips Adopt-A-Highway Permission Slip    
  Trip Forms    
  Tree Sale Permission Slip    
Personal Growth Sheets Tenderfoot Personal Growth Sheet    
  Second Class Personal Growth Sheet    
  First Class Personal Growth Sheet    
  Star Personal Growth Sheet    
  Life Personal Growth Sheet    
Reference Famous Quotations    
  Aims and Methods of Scouting    
Summer Camp Summer Camp Packing List    
  BSA Health and Medical Record Form
  2018 Summer Camp Permission Slip    
  OTC Medication Form    
  Sunscreen Form    
TLT Material Teaching EDGE      
  Troop Leadership Training      
  Scouting is a Safe Haven      
  Communicating Well Presentation      
Program Specialist Resources

Menu Form

  Tour Permit    
  Monthly Trip Planning Form    
  Trip Planning Guidelines    
  Trip Information Sheet    
  Program Specialist Assignments 2016-2017    
Troop Administration Skill Session Plan Form    
  Leadership Evaluation Form    
  Leadership Position Application    
  Leadership Position Descriptions    
  Patrol Emblems (    
  Patrol Ribbon Competition    
  Troop 272 Glossary and Abbreviations List    
  Troop 272 Leadership Chart    
  PLC Agenda    
  PLC Attendance Expectations    
  QM: Equipment Care and Cleaning Instructions    
  Service Patrol Leader Duties    
  Scout Personal Data Form (PDF)    
  Scout Personal Data Form (WORD)    
  Troop 272 Admission Policy    
  Troop 272 Infraction Form    
  Troop 272 Policy Book    

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